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Trans 2000 Inc. is a professional portable and industrial solution provider. We also offer OEM/ODM services to our business partners.

To help our customer to meet certain specification or differentiate their product from competition, we can tailor a suitable solution either through modification of an existing products or design a completely new model from ground zero. May it be coloring, material, LCD sizes, or even form factors, Trans 2000 is ready to be your best partner and solution provider.

We have accomplished many successful cases in military, aerospace, broadcasting, filming and retail industry. Our unique solutions were used in battle tank, drone command console, major filming team and even retail shops in well known casino at Las Vegas. We understand the value of uniqueness in the business today but sometimes it’s hard to bring your brilliant concepts to reality due to high quantity requirement and design costs from major manufacturer.

Ruggedized LCD Monitor with Foldable Keyboard
We were requested for a ruggedized display solution with a waterproof keyboard, we modified our existing product Titan-TMK to keep only what our customer needed.

Modification to Fit Custom Motherboard
Customer requested for a ruggedized yet small portable chassis. In addition, the user specifically wanted to use a Sun Microsystems motherboard which is incompatible with all of the existing products we have to offer. There, we modified the structure of our Titan-T1 in order to fit a this special motherboard.

AC/DC Dual Power Supply in A Rugged Portable Chassis
We were requested for a dual power supply system in a rugged portable chassis, we modified our existing product Titan-T95 to keep only what our customer needed.

Spark S3 with A Smart Card Reader
We were requested for a smart card reader on our Spark S3, we modify the chassis and internal bracket to meet their requirement.

Special Add-on Card Stabilizer
We make special add-on card stabilizer to fix the customer add-on cards.

Custom Coloring
Customer may request to have our products shipped in any color. This applies to both our Portable chassis products and Industrial products.

Custom Size Rubber Corner Blocks
Customer requested to enlarge the rubber corner blocks on the T9 for better shock-absorbing ability with our Titan series portable chassis

Military Signal and Power Connector
Customer requested the chassis have to be waterproofed, we modify the chassis and make interface board and some special cable to meet their request.

Removable Raid System
Modify the chassis and make a raid system to meet the customer application.

Rain Proof Filter
Modify the filter cover to meet the customer use the portable in the field.

Rugged Detachable PC Solution
The is a rugged touchscreen LCD monitor with a detachable PC. It is a thin and lightweight solution for the applications requiring high resolution but restricted to limited space.

Portable Compact PCI Computer
– 17″ LCD Display
– 6U 8- slot Compact Slot
– Plug-in Add-on card from Front Side
– 3x 5.25″ Open Drive Bay + Slim CDROM
– Rear IO
– Detachable 88 Keys Keyboard with Touch Pad
– Standard PS2 Power/ CPCI slot Power

108 Keys Water-Proof Rack Mount Keyboard
– 19″ Rack mount
– 1U Draw type
– 108-keys Keyboard
– Point Device
– PS2 Interface
– Water-proof for the front side

Rugged Sun Micro Portable
– Sun Micro System
– Dual Processor
– DC Power Supply
– Detachable Side door
– 2.5″ Internal + Removable HDD
– Slim CDROM

Rugged 42″ High Density Gas Plasma Monitor
– 42″ Rugged Gas Plasma Monitor
– Full HD 1920×1080
– Display Port/ HDMI/ VGA input
– WiFi Support