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Titan T5-15BP10

10 Slots BP Version
TITAN series is our most rugged chassis design focused on compact, durable and portable. The T5-15HH provides a solid base to build powerful PC with moderate expansion capability, featuring a 15″ monitor with 1024×768 resolution. It is capable to fit 10 slots backplnae, two 5.25″ devices, two 3.5″ HDD.

This is a NON-STOCK model that will be manufacture by order. Please contact our sales for further details.

Part# T5-15BP10
Technical Drawing (PDF)

Product Description

Designed for the application
The Titan-T5 is designed with the a balance of compactness and strength in mind. Chassis is constructed by all aluminum outer shell with shock absorbing composite rubber corner blocks. The LCD monitor is protected by 2mm impact resistant glass. The internal 3.5″ drive bays are shock-mounted to protect the hard disk drives from damage. It provides protection to the computer unparalleled by any other chassis.

Expansion capability
The chassis can be easily customized for application that has requirement for compact single-board computer. The T5-15BP10 offers 10 expansion slots and total of 3 drive bays.

Standard Components
The T5-15BP10 uses standard off-the-shelf components to optimize cost without compromising performance. It supports 10 slots backplane and most 3.5″ device.

Titan application ideas
Military base and field operations
Field service & diagnostic application in many industries
Portable servers & workstations
Network and communications testing
Field data acquisition
Factory monitoring/automation
Video and audio editing on location
Supports 10 slots backplane form factor
Ruggedly built with aluminum alloy
10 add-on slots with card stabilizer (9 full length)
15″ TFT LCD (1280×1024 resolution)
Detachable full size keyboard (water resistant optional)
Built-in speakers
2mm impact resistant protection glass