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2U Rack Mount Keyboard Monitor Console
Resolution 1600×1200.

DKM-UX20M is a compact solution that combines a keyboard, standard PS/2 mouse, 20″ LCD monitor and a pair of amplified stereo speakers in 2U rack mount drawer. With the slide rails included, the unit can be fit into any standard rack chassis ranging from 19.5″ – 35″ deep. Perfect idea to save valuable rack space for maximal use of the rack.

Part# DKM-UX20M
Technical Drawing (PDF)


Product Description

20″ LCD Monitor
The LCD monitor is built inside a slim and rugged aluminum housing for durability. The display mechanism is hinged so that it can be tilted to the most comfortable viewing position. LCD folds flat on top of keyboard when recessed into the drawer. An auto shut-off switch will turn-off the power to the LCD monitor when the LCD is in recess position.

Keyboard and Pointing Device
DKM-UX20M has mechanical key switch keyboard and P/S-2 mouse. User can replace with any other preferred PS/2 mouse.

Power Supply and Ports
The LCD monitor is powered by a 60W 100-240V full-range power supply positioned at the back of the drawer with a rocker on-off switch. The keyboard, pointing device and video connectors are also positioned at the back of the drawer for easy access.

A key locking mechanism locks the drawer when in the full recess position, to prevent unauthorized access.